Rehabilitation Walking Rehabilitation Arm / Hand Catalogue 2015

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Welcome to Reha-Stim!

Damage to the central and peripheral nervous system can often have serious consequences for our active participation in everyday life, our natural freedom of movement and our ability to express ourselves by movement. Many routine activities are the result of complex cerebral processes. Learned in childhood, perfected through constant repetition and as natural as the air we breathe: our ability to move is the most important feature of interaction with our environment.

Should we lose our ability to interact, we need reliable, scientifically documented and clinically proven aid. We at Reha-Stim want to help therapists to improve ambulation and arm-hand function of their patients after lesions of the central nervous system and the musculoskeletal system after stroke.

Therefore, our rehabilitation equipment takes advantage of the latest motor function standard of knowledge. Our devices address locomotor function autonomously and intelligently, enabling the patient influence the intensity of his therapy.

Scientific studies show a striking success of our approach of device-based rehabilitation as it might be necessary for therapy after a stroke, in paraplegia, cranial cerebral trauma, multiple sclerosis or spastic palsy.


You do evaluations?
We would like to introduce to you our Box & Block-Test, ARAT and Nine Hole Peg Test!


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"Learning to walk by walking."
Prof. Dr. Stefan Hesse